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The first pure play listed DEFI brand in the UK

AQRU plc is an incubator focused on investing in the rapidly growing DEFI space. We leverage our team's vast experience in DEFI, corporate operations and capital markets to advise and incubate the businesses we invest in.

Wholly owned businesses

Accru Finance Ltd.

The platform provides investors with a simple way to convert fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies and earn high yields. Accru Finance Ltd. has also launched a Yield-as-a-Service offering in response to growing demand for custom yield solutions.

DeFi Yield Technologies Inc.

DeFi Yield Technologies Inc. owns and continues to further develop a suite of proprietary technologies, financial solutions, and decentralized yield strategies built for the institutional market. The first generation of its yield aggregator is currently administered through


BlockLender provides instant USDC loans of any amount over $100, collateralised by digital assets,without the need for a credit check. The company’s funding mechanism enables it to offer low rates of interest without taking unnecessary risks with customers’ collateral.

Our other businesses

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